What did people think about 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'?

Stephen Colbert returned to television on Tuesday, and viewers had #allthefeels.

During Colbert's time on Comedy Central, the comedian racked up a fervent fan following for his more satirical, conservative on-screen persona.

But audiences were introduced to a whole new Colbert when he took the reins as the new host of CBS' "The Late Show."

Final Nielsen ratings will not be released until later on Wednesday, but one look at Twitter and it's clear that viewers are mixed:

For many, it took a while to soak in the new "real Stephen Colbert."

But Colbert's return to TV, sans his satirical Comedy Central persona, was exactly what some viewers were looking for:

Others tuned in to see whether the new late night show was worth adding to their TV watch list.

Watching Colbert munch on Sabra Hummus and boxes of Oreos even got some viewers hungry:

Still, not everyone was impressed.

Despite the mixed emotions over Colbert's "Late Show," one thing's for sure: The late night landscape just got far more crowded.

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