TCA: ‘Orphan Black’s’ Tatiana Maslany talks ‘daunting’ Season 2


It’s a numbers game on BBC America’s clone conspiracy drama “Orphan Black.” And for its multitasking star Tatiana Maslany, who so far plays seven different characters, that’s a lot on the mind.

The sleeper hit, which drew acclaim and word-of-mouth attention with its freshman season, is gearing up for its second season return later this spring April 19. And getting back in the mind-set required a deep breath.

“It was daunting to come back to it because I knew what to expect and I knew how much work it was going to be,” Maslany said. “At the same time, there was a sense of, ‘OK, we’ve done this before’ ... and what was exciting about Season 2 is we flesh out the world of each of the clones.”


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Maslany was on deck Saturday to promote the show, along with costar Jordan Gavaris (Felix) and co-creator and writer Graeme Manson, at the Television Critics Assn. press tour. The panel kicked off with a first look at the first scene in the Season 2 opener--a fast-paced turn of events involving running, rain, blood, requests for free-range eggs and disconnected phone messages.

The show is currently in production on its eighth episode (of 10) for the forthcoming season. And Graeme said it’s safe to say the show won’t be introducing new characters with their own clone problems any time soon.

“It’s not like we haven’t thought of that,” he said. “But it’s not territory we’re treading in the near future. ... We still have a long ways to go with all of these characters. We’d like to keep on exploring this as long as we don’t exhaust Tat.”

That includes exploring the mortality of quirky PhD student clone Cosima (whom Manson named as his favorite) and looking at the root and cause of her illness. “The one who seemed the most full of life is now facing the science gone wrong,” Maslany said. And viewers can also expect uptight suburban mom Allison to have some explosive moments, Manson said.

But, hey, sometimes Maslany needs a break. Changes will also come for Felix, with the second season establishing him outside the clones. “He’s not just a plot device or [to] facilitate whatever Sarash’s crazy idea is that day,” Garvis said. “He gets an identity outside all of that.” And his relationship with Sarah gets tested in the new season, Manson said. “Many tough decisions are going to be made.”


As April beckons, the cast and crew continue to enjoy the critical response the show has received. Maslany is up for lead actress in a TV drama at Sunday’s Golden Globes. It’s an achievement that is not lost on the 28-year-old actress.

“We’re a niche, odd little show that could have fallen under the radar,” she said. “The Golden Globe thing is wild. I’m completely blown away by it and just trying to breathe and take it one day at a time because it is totally out of my league.”


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