Tutorial: The Miley Cyrus Halloween costume

Tutorial: How to Channel Miley Cyrus
A Miley Cyrus Halloween costume is based on one of the singer’s looks from the “We Can’t Stop” video.

After Tuesday’s post about how dressing as Miley Cyrus this Halloween might earn you a bit of a reputation, the folks at reached out to let us know they’ve compiled an extensive DIY tutorial on channeling the former Hannah Montana.

Every last detail of how to create one of Cyrus’ looks from the “We Can’t Stop” video is twerked -- pardon us, worked -- out in this post by Aleksandra Sobic, so we won’t bother rehashing it here beyond noting that it involves, among other things, a pair of white hot pants and a teddy bear backpack.

There are two things that make this twerktorial particularly helpful: First, in acknowledgment that that there will likely be myriad Mileys out there come All Hallow’s Eve, it offers up some prop suggestions to help one’s Cyrus standout from the rest of the pack. Based on Cyrus’ video, the suggestions include, but are far from limited to, a money sandwich and a French fry skull. There is no giant foam finger (that belongs with another costume, silly).

Second, the post floats an ingenious way to create a Robin Thicke companion costume (a la the VMAs) -- by using a black-and-white striped Beetlejuice costume sans face paint.


A solution as hilarious as it is simple.


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