Los Angeles Fashion Week: Odylyne launches bridal collection

Looks from Odylyne's new bridal collection, shown at the Reef in downtown L.A. during Los Angeles Fashion Week.
Looks from Odylyne’s new bridal collection, shown at the Reef in downtown L.A. during Los Angeles Fashion Week.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Before turning our attention to the rest of Los Angeles Fashion Week, we felt it necessary to highlight one last line from the L.A. Fashion Council slate of shows at the Reef: Odylyne, which used the opportunity to debut its new line of gowns and dresses designed for brides and bridesmaids.

Dubbed “Odylyne: the Ceremony,” the collection by designer Stephanie Lampkin married (pun only partially intended) her label’s signature Greco-Roman goddess-meets-Bohemian silhouette to a range of lace, hand-dyed silk and tone-on-tone embroidered fabrics.

According to the accompanying show notes, the debut spring 2015 offering (“The Romantics Collection”) was “heavily inspired by the Romantic Art Movement,” with “each dress embod[ying] the deep emotion, sensibility and beauty of the life and art from the 1800’s.”


Standouts included the troika of gowns using a scallop-patterned lace and the super-subtle pink and pale blue tie-dyed effect on billowy dresses.

The ceremonial feel of the collection was kicked up an additional notch thanks to a selection of ornate headdresses designed with frequent collaborator Kate Thompson (who also has her own label Amaroq) that accessorized many looks. Some appeared to be tiaras festooned with gazelle horns, others with white feathers and even one with (if our Vermont childhood serves us correctly) rows of perfectly aligned white porcupine quills.

From start to finish (with the only exception being a nubbly white belted wraparound dress that reminded us of a spa bathrobe) it’s a collection that had us saying “I do.”

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