The Miley Cyrus costume: This Halloween, it may come with a reputation

Miley Cyrus performs at the MTV Video Music Awards in her teddy bear bathing suit outfit.
(John Shearer)

While Miley Cyrus may well have twerked herself right out of a Vogue cover and an engagement to Liam Hemsworth, there was another unforeseen consequence: This Halloween, the Miley Cyrus costume has a dubious reputation, according to a dating website’s recent poll of single men.

Apparently an online dating auction site (we frankly had no idea such a thing existed) called polled 7,304 single men “to determine which of this year’s hottest Halloween costumes will be the ‘easiest.’” The majority of respondents (84%) believe that this Halloween, women dressed in some manner of Miley Cyrus outfit (we’re going to guess that spangly teddy bear bathing suit outfit from the VMAs will be popular) would be the best bet to doff their costumes by the end of the night.

According to the same survey, Halloween revelers dressed as Disney characters or monsters of the traditional horror genre (like zombies) were rated least likely to become amorous, clocking in at likelihoods of 6% and 2%, respectively. And just about splitting the difference, at 49%, were costumes related to “Sons of Anarchy.”

A fun poll? Perhaps. A website’s unabashed bid for publicity? Definitely. Just remember, no matter what 7,304 single men think, in the end it’s not what the costume says. It’s what the mouth of the woman wearing the costume says.



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