National No Socks Day? Boycott, says the holiday’s archenemy


Better make time for a pedicure on Tuesday – Wednesday is National No Socks Day.

That’s right. A day to free your feet from their confines. And I think wearing sandals is a better alternative than going barefoot -- dangerous -- or wearing regular shoes without hosiery -- sticky and uncomfortable.

National No Socks Day was created by Tom and Ruth Roy, who’ve come up with numerous holidays over the years that are legit enough to be included some years in Chase’s Calendar of Events, which writer Richard E. Meyer called “the nation’s annual bible of extraordinary occasions” in a Los Angeles Times story about the Roys in 1996.
Like other of the Roys’ holidays – you can find a complete list on their website, – this one is meant to be whimsical. And this year, in the same whimsical vein, Foot Cardigan, a company that sends subscribers a pair of random socks each month for $9, is stamping its metaphorical foot and calling for a boycott.


“No socks, no fun,” proclaims Foot Cardigan in a news release calling for sock lovers to boycott. “After all, what’s a day without socks look like?” the release asks. “Bland, boring and just all around terrible.”

Well, unless you have a really cool pedicure.


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