Smashbox creates ‘Bling Ring’ cosmetics kit

It’s not quite Smashbox meets smash-and-grab, but the cosmetics brand has partnered with makers of “The Bling Ring” for a makeup kit inspired by the fashion-focused heist flick.

According to the media materials announcing the merchandise tie-in with the Sofia Copolla film, which hits theaters in L.A. on June 14 and nationwide June 21, the collection aims to “re-create the fame-obsessed glamour of the film’s stars with hot pink pouts, out-all-night kohl-rimmed eyes and lashes for days.”

The materials go on to say that the movie’s makeup artist, Roz Music, scoured Instagram for inspiration for the characters’ looks. “I wasn’t looking for the good-girl look,” Music is quoted as saying. “I was purposely looking for the girls who were maybe being a little suggestive, maybe smoking something they shouldn’t be …”


The limited-edition Smashbox ♥ “The Bling Ring” Kit ($48) consists of a black faux-croc clutch containing the following items: a matte lipstick (in electric pink), a lip plumper, an eye-brightening mascara, a travel-size eyeliner pencil (onyx) and a sample of Smashbox’ Photo Finish foundation primer.

Launched May 21, the kit is available only through We’d like to think that’s to make sure the kohl-eyed klepto target demographic doesn’t, you know, decide to make use of the five-finger discount.


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