Survey: This Halloween, women are sweet on Batman, Jay Gatsby


Guys hoping to pique the interest of the cool ghouls and lady demons this Hallow’s Eve should consider donning a Batman costume or dressing up as Jay Gatsby.

That’s one of the takeaways from a recent survey of more than 2,000 singles conducted by dating website PlentyOfFish. In response to the question: “Which is the male costume that women are most interested in meeting this Halloween?” 24% of women responded with the Caped Crusader, narrowly edging out Jay Gatsby at 23%. (While you might be curious about the other 53%, we’re actually wondering how Redford’s Ralph Lauren Gatsby might stack up against DiCaprio’s Brooks Brothers Gatsby.)

Among the survey’s other findings: a pregnant Kim Kardashian costume ranks as the least popular women’s costume choice this year among single men (only 5% said they wanted to “approach or meet” a woman so costumed, we suspect that other 5% already has the leather pants for their Kanye costume all picked out) and the top costume choices for single guys are Batman (32% said they’d go as the Dark Knight) followed by Walter White from “Breaking Bad” (14%).


Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” — the folks who hilariously showed us how to — make like Miley — are back with step-by-step DIY instructions for short-skirted, skin-baring DIY takes on two hot pop-culture properties: a sexy “Breaking Bad” costume (hint: it involves a repurposed hazmat suit) and, wait for it ... a sexy “Duck Dynasty” outfit (using the officially licensed Uncle Si costume, naturally).

We like to think of that last one as “duck calls meets catcalls.”


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