Mistletoke, luxe vape cases and other gift suggestions for the cannabis enthusiast on your nice list


Now that some form of cannabis use is legal in 33 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and California’s era of legal adult-use weed is almost a year old (though it remains illegal under federal law), it’s easier than ever to find a little something special for the cannabis consumer on your nice list. Below are a few items that — with the exception of the first item which is available in L.A. only — are legal, widely available and, if ordered soon, can still be under the tree in the U.S. by Christmas Day.

Hang … some Mistletoke

For those who want to do good while feeling good — and score a little holiday decor at the same time — L.A.-based Zoma Cannabis is prepared to send some lucky L.A. residents a limited-edition floral-meets-cannabis Mistletoke arrangement that intertwines sprigs of mistletoe with three trimmed buds (roughly five grams total) of its Santa Cruz-grown True OG and/or Gelato strain cannabis flower all tied up in a big red Santa-worthy bow. No purchase is necessary, but recipients are highly encouraged to make a donation to the charity reforestation group One Tree Planted to aid in the recovery efforts from the 2017 and 2018 California fires. Zoma will match donations dollar for dollar. Each dollar donated means one tree gets planted, and that means the green you donate for its green means a greener Golden State moving forward.

Zoma is set to deliver the decor right to your door if you live in L.A., are over the age of 21 and are one of the first 50 folks to fire off an email to with the word “Mistletoke” in the subject line. Supplies willing, orders placed as late as Dec. 20 will arrive in time to make your Christmas very merry indeed.


Plug into … a G Pen Gio

Vaping (inhaling cannabis products through vaporization) has become an increasingly popular consumption method thanks to most vaporizers’ ease-of-use, portability and discretion (it doesn’t generate the same pungent odor that smoking pot does), and Grenco Science’s G Pen Gio, which was introduced earlier this year, takes all three of those to the next level (much the same way the Pax Era did last year). It’s a sleek, intuitive, button-free, plug-and-puff gadget about the size and shape of a Sharpie permanent marker with a mini USB charging port on one end and a place to plug a thumbnail-sized cartridge of liquid concentrates on the other.

The G Pen Gio, which retails for around $30, is available online at and select bricks-and-mortar dispensaries. The Gio pod cartridges are available at 500 dispensaries across 12 states, including MedMen, BARC, Cookies Melrose and the Pottery locally, as well as through the Eaze delivery service and cost anywhere from $14.99 to $60 per 500 mg cartridge.

Unroll … a Rogue Paq

Old habits are hard to break, so even in places where recreational cannabis is completely legal, folks tend to stow their goods — and their gear — in the same assortment of repurposed pencil cases, plastic baggies and Dopp kits they did in the Dark Ages of Dope.

In September, seeing an opportunity for upscale paraphernalia portage, New York based stylist Jessica Cadmus launched a line of roll-up leather carrying cases called Rogue Paq. Rolled up, it looks like the love child of a clutch purse and a Chipotle burrito and unrolled it’s got about the same footprint as an 8 ½ X 11-inch piece of paper. The inside consists of a zippered center tube that’s perfect for stowing vaporizers, pipes and other smoking accouterments (it also snaps out to become a smaller carrying case of its own) and two zippered side pockets to hold things such as vape cartridges, medical marijuana ID cards and driver’s licenses.


There’s also a strip of elasticized fabric on one side to secure pens, poker tools and charging cords. The buttery soft leather version retails for $324.99 and the faux pebbled leather version for $100 less. Currently available only online at, orders placed by Dec. 18 will arrive in time for Christmas. (Optional monogramming of up to three capital letters will run you an extra $15, and those orders should be placed by Dec. 15 to ensure timely delivery.)

Track … your culinary cannabis adventures

Goldleaf, an Ohio company that specializes in well-made printed goods for cannabis enthusiasts (think vintage-style, limited-edition botanical illustrations, strain-tracker and grow-planner journals and illustrated medical reference cards), late last month added a cooking journal to the mix. Inside the gray, gold-embossed cover are 20 blank templated pages for recipes and 10 for infusions along with a terpene flavor infographic (created in consultation with Jamie Evans a.k.a. the Herb Somm as in “sommelier”), dosing calculations and an oil comparison chart.

Each $17.99 journal comes with a selection of recipe cards from some of the industry’s best-known cannabis chefs (Brandon Allen’s Limonene Chimichurri Sauce and Cat Cora’s Beet Salad with Tangerine-CBD Vinaigrette, to name just two). It’s available online at, where you can also pick up an illustrated, poster-sized terpene food and wine pairing print for $26.99.

Banish … that pot-smoke smell

Although cannabis use is gaining social acceptance by the day (including in places where it’s not totally legal), there are plenty of times and places you’d prefer not smell like the back of Willie Nelson’s tour bus (such as, say, your in-laws’ ski house over the holidays). Instead of breaking out a bottle of Febreze or lighting some incense (Gonesh No. 4 Perfumes of Orchards & Vines, anyone?) to mask the smell, an Indiana company called OMI Industries is suggesting a natural solution called Cannabolish (


Available in either a soy and beeswax 7 oz. candle ($14.99) or a room spray (a 2 oz. purse size sells for $4.99; an 8 oz. guest-bathroom size, for $11.99), it uses the same kind of aromatic organic compounds (known as terpenes) that give cannabis its distinctive smell to remove them from the air and clothing. Although we haven’t had a chance to put the whole “fighting terpenes with terpenes” odor-removing thing to the test, the candle and spray have a pleasant wintergreen aroma. And, because the Cannabolish candle and spray are no further away than your Amazon shopping cart, it makes a no-brainer stocking stuffer for the cannabis enthusiast on your nice list.

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