Aquazzura to launch men’s line, lifestyle-oriented concept


Edgardo Osorio, creator of the luxury footwear brand Aquazzura, has big plans for his company. Here to celebrate the opening of his flagship in the region, he revealed that he aims to launch a men’s line within the next 18 months.

“It’s going to be modern, elegant leisure,” said Osorio. “I expect at least 50 percent will be sneakers. But sneakers you can wear to the office with a suit.”

Osorio said there is a gap in the market for men’s. “Men’s right now is either too fashion or too conservative; there isn’t a lot in between. As a man who travels for work all over the world, I find it difficult to find things I like. I end up getting one thing here, one thing there. But generally men don’t shop like that. They prefer a one-stop shop.” Osorio is confident he can fill that need. “If you have a brand that offers modern shoes at a competitive price point that feel comfortable and are young and have that elegance to them in a casual way, that will be a winning element.”


He said the brand also plans to launch a more “lifestyle-oriented project.” This, he said, will take priority over other potential categories like handbags. “I love bags and it’s something we will do and is in the plans in the midterm, but not immediately. I feel like first it’s so important to innovate in terms of how you communicate the brand to the client.”

While he wouldn’t reveal details, he hinted the new category concept has to do with his love of interiors. “I love everything to do with that world. The concept will focus on things that fit into the world of Aquazzura, a reflection of my passions. It might be done through collaborations or things we do directly. I want to do the first one in Florence in the Palazzo. Once that is established it will start spreading.”

Osorio’s love of interiors is evident in his store designs. He worked closely with the architects to create an atmosphere that reflects the region for his Dubai Mall flagship. “I took a lot of inspiration from Islamic architecture,” he said.

“Our client is a global client. They travel, they are on the move. They are everywhere. I want to give them something different in every store they visit, it should be a new experience,” Osorio said.