Uniqlo, Disney release ‘Beauty and the Beast’ clothing collection

Uniqlo is launching a “Beauty and the Beast” Collection Monday, inspired by upcoming release of the Disney movie.

The $17.3 billion Japan-based fashion retailer with 1,800 stores around the world, said its Beauty and the Beast Collection will offer styles and patterns worn in the film by the heroine, Belle. The line includes a blouse, a long shirt, a tunic and T-shirts reflecting what Belle and other characters in the story wear in the movie.

Uniqlo also said the collection is part of the “Magic for All” project, a collaboration between Disney, Marvel, “Star Wars” and Pixar with Uniqlo’s “LifeWear” fashion statement “to make everyday life fuller and more comfortable” and emphasize Japanese values of simplicity, comfort, quality and longevity. Uniqlo has “Magic for All” concept stores inside its Shanghai global flagship and Disney Springs store at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


There are 17 women’s and eight girls items in the collection, which will be sold at three Uniqlo stores in Manhattan — Fifth Avenue, 34th Street and in SoHo, as well as at the Michigan Avenue store in Chicago. Prices range from $9.90 for a girls’ T-shirt, to $29.90 for a ladies blouse.

Uniqlo described the collection as expressing “a modern, relaxed bohemian style and casual items with a light, feminine silhouette, including a T-shirt with trendy puff sleeves and a mix of silky cut-and-sew material and semitransparent fabric, as well as a long shirt that can be draped like a gown. The main colors are a summery vivid royal blue and red, presented with feminine floral patterns.”

The “Beauty and the Beast” movie being released March 17 is a live-action version of the original animated movie.