Lakers take three spots on NBA list of top-selling jerseys

The new Lakers lineup might not have completely gelled on the court yet, but it's already proving to be a dream team at the cash register, with three players -- Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash -- earning spots on the NBA's biannual top-15 list of bestselling jerseys.

Bryant, who has topped the list six times since 2001, had the third-bestselling NBA jersey based on sales at the NBA store on Fifth Avenue in New York City and through from April 2012 through Nov. 26, 2012, behind the Miami Heat's LeBron James in the top spot and the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant at No. 2.

Howard earned the No. 9 spot, sandwiched between two Los Angeles Clippers -- eighth-bestselling Blake Griffin and tenth-most-popular Chris Paul -- while Nash earned a 13th-place ranking in jersey sales.

That gives the Lakers the distinction of being the only team to land three players on the current bestsellers list. In April, two teams each fielded three bestsellers -- the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.

Incidentally, it was the Knicks that moved the most merchandise overall during the April-through November period, claiming the top spot from the Chicago Bulls.


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