Sushi underwear does exist. So do cheeseburger panties.

Food porn underwear
Underwear from the Naja food porn Cheeky Knickers collection.

Any food porn lover will tell you, nothing is sexier than a double cheeseburger dripping with meat juice and melted cheese, a plate of silky toro sashimi or a thick and creamy milkshake, with a cherry on top. And now Naja, a San Francisco-based lingerie company, is putting food porn on its underwear. 

Naja makes a collection of Cheeky Knickers with your favorite comfort foods, right on the front of the undergarments. Think white pima cotton panties with photos of a double cheeseburger, golden French fries and a milkshake, all in one package of underwear called the Happiest Meal ($50). 

If you’re more of a Chinese or Japanese takeout girl, the After Takeout collection includes a pair of underwear printed with a fortune cookie across the front; a pair featuring pieces of sushi; and another printed with sake barrels ($50). 

And in case you’re wondering, no, the underwear is not edible. 


Catalina Girald, who started Naja a little more than a year ago, wanted to create a lingerie line that would be a direct response to Victoria’s Secret. 

“Rather than being super sexy and provocative, I wanted to create a brand that’s fashionable, quirky and fun,” said Girald. “Women are multifaceted and you can be quirky and funny, as well as elegant and fashionable at the same time." 

The idea for food porn grew out of not wanting to take lingerie and sexuality so literally. 

“I thought the most unsexy thing you can wear is a pair of white cotton underwear,” said Girald. “But if you put something on it that is an aphrodisiac or something similar, then it would be subtly sexy and kind of funny at the same time. So the first one was sushi, because my first collection was Japanese inspired and a lot of sushi has aphrodisiac properties." 


And all of the underwear feature quotes in the crotch. Examples include “He offered her the world, she said she had her own,” “Be so good they can’t ignore you." 

“So every time you pee or take them off, you get a quote that will make you laugh or smile and feel good about it." 

All this cheeky business is for a good cause. Girald employs and teaches underprivileged single or head of household mothers in Colombia to sew through her Underwear for Hope foundation in a partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation.  

A percentage of each purchase goes toward the Golondrinas Foundation, and every bra you buy comes with a lingerie wash bag made by a woman in Colombia. 

“They [the woman] often live really far away from the city so many of them turn to prostitution or child trafficking to support their family,” said Girald. “We want to make sure these mothers have a way to employ themselves and to take care of their children." 

In addition to the food porn series of underwear, Naja sells a variety of bras and underwear featuring non-food related prints. 

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