Twinkies! Real thing returns July 15; bad news for Bingles and Dreamies


Twinkies are set for an official comeback July 15. So junk food aficionados and loyal Twinkie fans can breathe a sigh of relief (and you can finally stop rationing your secret stash).

Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management (NYSE: APO), the firms that purchased Twinkies and other Hostess products when Hostess Brands Inc. shut down in 2012, is bringing the original Twinkie back.

Looks like the prayers of every golden-sponge-cake-creamy-filling lover have been answered. And Hostess knows it. The words “The Sweetest Comeback in History Ever” will be written, right on the new Twinkie boxes.


A slew of imposters tried to take the Twinkie’s place during its six-month absence from stores shelves. Those impostors included a Twinkie look-a-like product from Flowers Foods Inc., a company that purchased some of Hostess’ assets, a similar snack cake called “Bingles” from the Blue Bird brand, the Mrs. Freshley “Dreamies” cream-filled snacks and the Little Debbie “Cloud Cakes.”

But the real fans weren’t fooled and were quick to purchase every last remaining Twinkie on store shelves. The news of the Hostess shutdown spurred an outcry from loyal fans on social media outlets including Facebook, demanding the real thing. The Wendy Williams show even launched a page called “Save the Twinkie.”

The Twinkie may be back, but the Hostess brand is operating on a much smaller scale. Hostess production was reduced from 11 bakery plants to four, and the main headquarters have moved from Texas to Kansas City, Mo., reported the Associated Press.

Some of the other Hostess products have also gotten a makeover. The CupCakes are now made with dark cocoa instead of milk chocolate. And according to Rich Seban, Hostess president and former chief operating officer, the brand is looking into expanding its line of products.

Twinkies will remain the same price at $3.99 for a box of 10.


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[This post was updated at 11:09 AM. A previous version of the post listed Apollo Group as one of the firms that purchased Hostess. The firm’s name is Apollo Global Management (NYSE: APO).]