Chicken, salmon, gratins and more great recipes using green garlic, now in season

Bunches of green garlic at the Hollywood farmers market.
(Noelle Carter / Los Angeles Times)

What’s in season: Similar to scallions or spring onions, green garlic is actually an immature version of garlic bulbs, and can range in size from slender plants to thick stalks where the bulbs are just beginning to fill out. Green garlic, generally in season through the spring months, started out as the leftover trimmings from newly planted garlic fields, where plantings would be thinned to give others the space to mature. Because the garlic is picked and sold fresh, the flavor is much more delicate and less-concentrated than mature garlic bulbs.

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What to cook: Slice or chop slender stalks of green garlic and toss with a salad or add last-minute to a soup or stew, or wilt the garlic to add flavor to a vegetable or rice dish. Peel away any dry outer layers of thicker stalks, and cook the garlic slowly in butter or olive oil for a simple sauce to serve over fish or pasta.


What’s on the horizon: Artichokes are just beginning to show up, as are slender bunches of asparagus.