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Artist Stephanie Shih’s ceramics

Stephanie Shih’s ceramic series of an Asian grocery store isn’t about the commercial product. It’s about nostalgia.

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Stephanie Shih has been working on a series of Asian grocery store items. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
The ceramics community, Shih said, “is a really white space.” She sought to create work inspired by Asian culture from an Asian perspective. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
Shih’s plan is to someday build out a small grocery store filled exclusively with her ceramic bottles, bags and packets of instant noodles. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
Shih is mostly interested in the feelings her ceramic-making process can evoke. “What I do is more about nostalgia — it’s not about the commercial product.” (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
Shih’s ceramics commission at $400. Bigger pieces fetch as much as $3,000. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
Stephanie Shih works on her ceramic art in her studio, Gasworks Brooklyn, in Brooklyn, N.Y. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
A drawing of the kiln’s firing schedule is posted in the basement of Stephanie Shih’s studio. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)
Why food ceramics? Shih says that for Asian communities, food plays an outsize role in family life. (Béatrice de Géa / For The Times)