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Sound barrier

Good neighbor: Given its Walt Disney Concert Hall location, Patina has the challenge of keeping all noise contained. The kitchen floats on rubber isolators to buffer the structure. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
At Comme Ça, banquettes and bookshelves help absorb chatter, but the restaurant is meant to be loud. “Comme Ça is about a fun, high energy environment, and with that goes volume, noise. A brasserie is not where you go for a business deal,” chef-owner David Myers said. (Coral Von Zumwalt / Special to the Times)
“I go to Sona to relax,” says chef-owner David Myers, who also owns Comme Ça. (Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times)
The angles at Culver City’s Fraîche accomplish the same thing that the bookshelves do at Comme Ça: They diffuse noise by making the sound waves bounce at different angles. (Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times)
Pizzeria Mozza has installed acoustic panels on its high walls, but the sound absorption isn’t radical. (Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times)
No need to shout: Fabric wall panels, center dividers and soft white curtains blocking the kitchen keep noise muted at Izakaya Zero in Huntington Beach. (Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times)