Food art at Far4

A porcelain pineapple created by Igor and Yelena Klimenkoff at Far4 in Seattle.

Igor and Yelena Klimenkoff found themselves sighing over the lost craftsmanship that went into making beautiful handmade tabletop pieces like the antique teacups they were sipping from at the time. So in 2004, the couple opened a small porcelain studio in Moscow, specializing in handcrafted, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

The studio’s porcelain production features a collection of fruits and vegetables, cast with detail finished by hand, that can be found at the studio’s sister shop Far4 (farfor means porcelain in Russian) in Seattle. The family-owned and operated shop is stocked with works from the studio overseas in addition to unusual and unique pieces by designers from Seattle and farther afield.

The tall stack of burgers made of plaster currently on display in the store’s window is by local artist Troy Gua. Gua makes other versions of the burger too, “symbolic both of the American ‘bigger is better’ ethos as well as the penchant for excess.”

Far4, 1020 1st Ave., Seattle, (206) 621-8831,



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