The hottest food trends of 2018, according to Pinterest

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Everyone wants to throw the most on-trend parties possible, especially as one year blends into the next. We already know that 2018 will have us saying goodbye to greenery and hello to ultra-violet, but what else should home entertainers and cooks know for the next 12 months? Luckily, Pinterest posted their annual report of the biggest emerging trends, and the food trends for 2018 are looking mighty interesting.

Unsurprisingly, there’s an eye toward health and experimenting with flavors for the New Year. Healthy eating trends such as air frying, ghee (clarified butter), and specialty non-alcoholic beverages are going to be everywhere. There are also bold flavors on the horizon, with Korean hot sauces and Moroccan spices picking up favor with American palettes. What else should we know for the next year? According to Pinterest, the biggest food trends to look for in the next 12 months are:

Air Frying: Diet-friendly fried foods are the dream, and according to Pinterest, that’s a dream come true for the new year. Using a hot air instead of oil to cook indulgent party foods like French fries and apple crisp is going to be a must-do for home entertaining and Super Bowl parties.


“Souping”: I’m sorry; what’s a juice cleanse, again? Puréed soups and soup-based superfoods like bone broth and vegetable broth are going to be the next healthy eating trend.

Super Coffee: Do you want to make your morning cup of joe give you health benefits in addition to a caffeine boost? Searches for “healthy coffee” have risen over 200 percent, with coffee made with maca (a hormone-balancing root) leading the charge.

Moroccan Food: This African country is the next culinary hotspot. According to Pinterest, the flavors of Morocco (which include cumin, coriander, and cardamom) are going to be in everything from appetizers to dessert in 2018.

Plant Protein: Think beyond boring, old tofu. Plant-based proteins such as seitan, lentils, beans, quinoa, and edamame are going to be on everyone’s plates.

Snap Peas: Oh, snap! This stir fry staple is the next pita chips. Forget your tortillas and your naan bread. Dip snap peas into your hummus next year.

Gochujang: In 2018, you’ll forget all about tired sriracha. It’s going to be all about the other amazing Asian hot sauce, Korean gochujang. Searches for this sauce and other Korean condiments rose 222 percent.


Ghee: Do you love butter but fear dairy? Worry no more, because ghee is here. This clarified butter is simmered and skimmed to purify the healthy fat, eliminating all milk solids and making it almost entirely casein- and lactose-free.

Vegan Desserts: Say goodbye to classic cupcakes and cookies; searches for vegan desserts rose 329 percent in recent months. Who says you need to have milk or eggs to have a good time at the end of a meal?

Mocktails: Dry January will never be easier than it is in 2018. Mocktails, better known as virgin cocktails, are all the rage with searches increasing by 160 percent. Whether you’re mixing drinks for your pregnant friends, kids, or just people who don’t want to get drunk on a Sunday afternoon, this is the food trend for you.

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