Twitter found 2018’s Salt Bae: Watch Cilantro Papi’s incredible chopping skills

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The start of 2017 gave us “Salt Bae” - a viral meme starring Turkish restaurant owner Nusret Gökçe, who is known for theatrically seasoning meat. One year later, Twitter user Rebecca Castañeda shared an oddly satisfying video showing an employee from her father’s restaurant chopping a bushel of herbs. The knife-savvy prep cook’s name is Rogelio, but people are calling him “Cilantro Papi.”

“So many people messaged me on Snapchat on how satisfying this video was. Twitter, I’m gifting you the video of Rogelio chopping cilantro,” Castañeda captioned the two-minute snippet, which has over 3 million views.


“I can smell this video,” @tinina05 wrote.

“How do I get this to play when I sleep?” @f0lake asked.

“I can cut a lot less cilantro in a lot more time than that,” @DaveyDavidsonNC wrote.

“Not disappointed. 10/10 IMDB. 98% Rotten Tomatoes,” @EricZelichowski reviewed.

“Goodnight to Rogelio only,” @thenameisvic_ said.

Castañeda says she recorded the soothing scene because her dad - who runs Camino Real Mexican Food in Fullerton, California - wanted to show his daughter’s manager at Chipotle how “chingones” chop cilantro.

In Mexican culture, chingón is an informal term for someone who is awesome, intelligent, and able to do things quickly. For more word trivia, check out the funniest slang term from every state.

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