This beer-fetching robot is every couch potato’s dream

The Daily Meal

Last September, Miso Robotics introduced “Flippy” the hamburger-cooking robot employed at Caliburger. Now, that same technology is being integrated into homes for residential use. Except this time, the robot won’t be flipping patties on your grill (yet, at least). It will grab you a beer, though.

A wheeled automaton called Aeolus was spotted at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) by a reporter for The Verge. In a two-minute clip, the android picks up a standard-sized can of Coca-Cola with its mechanical arm and hands it to host Paul Miller.

And fetching beverages isn’t the only thing Aeolus can do. It reportedly recognizes thousands of objects, allowing it to put misplaced household items back where they belong. It can also vacuum or broom your floors, and even move chairs that are in the way.

Consumers will be able to purchase the product for “less than the cost of a family of four vacation overseas,” which is less than $20,000, Miller reports. Aeolus is expected to go up for sale later this year.


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