Starbucks to close remaining Teavana stores after settling mall dispute

The Daily Meal

Starbucks will still be closing all remaining Teavana stores after reaching a settlement with Simon Property Group, the largest operator of shopping malls in the United States. Although Starbucks announced their plans for Teavana store closures in July of last year, the commercial real estate company filed the lawsuit against the coffee conglomerate in early December on the grounds that Starbucks had signed leases for the Teavana stores and that closing them would break contractual obligations. The closures were halted until an agreement was reached.

The Daily Meal reached out to Starbucks and received this response from a spokesperson: “We have indeed reached an agreement with Simon to settle our dispute. We are thankful to our customers who have enjoyed Teavana tea at these specialty retail locations and will continue to emphasize Teavana tea in new and different ways at Starbucks.”

Teavana tea drinks will still be sold in Starbucks stores in the U.S., and the brand is also prominently featured in Starbucks’ new Reserve Roastery in Shanghai, which features a Teavana bar made from 3-D-printed recycled materials - making it one of the world’s coolest Starbucks stores.


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