Off Menu: Exploring L.A.’s vibrant Koreatown with comedian Margaret Cho and Eater’s Matthew Kang


Koreatown is more than just another neighborhood — it’s one of the most uniquely urban parts of the city. And for many visitors and Ktown’s 120,000-plus residents, most of whom are Latino or of Korean ancestry, it’s an exciting, frenetically busy slice of Seoul dropped into the middle of L.A., packed with shops, hotels, bars and restaurants serving almost any kind of Korean food you could think to ask for.

In this week’s episode of “Off Menu,” host Lucas Kwan Peterson welcomes two special guests: Margaret Cho and Matthew Kang. Cho is a celebrated actor and comedian who starred in “All-American Girl,” the first prime-time sitcom featuring an Asian American family. Kang was the host of “K-Town,” an online series focused on Korean food in L.A.; it ran on Eater Los Angeles, where he has been editor since 2014.

Lucas and Margaret visit the Prince, a classic 1940s-era bar — with giant red booths, suits of armor and Gainsborough-like oil paintings — that has been reborn as a haven for Korean bar food. Matthew takes Lucas to Yangmani, one of his favorite Korean barbecue spots of the moment; it specializes in intestines and stomach.



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