Tucked in a Barneys in Beverly Hills, a shop caters to the ‘luxury cannabis lifestyle’


On a recent Sunday afternoon, on the fifth floor of Barneys New York, Beverly Hills, Sally Hawthorne was among the customers checking out the High End — the department store’s newly opened “luxury cannabis lifestyle” shop — as clerks in black inspection gloves displayed various pot accouterments and answered questions from shoppers.

Hawthorne, who was visiting for the day from Palm Springs, inquired about a $280 gift set of 20 pre-rolled paper “cones” for her husband, a lifelong smoker.

“These will be perfect for Coachella,” she said, handing over her credit card.

The rolling papers, manufactured exclusively for the High End by Paris-based Devambez, are made from organic hemp grown in the Champagne region of France, the company says. Each paper carries a watermark, and certain sets come with a gold-plated tamper designed after Napoleon’s royal scepter.


“I love that the paper is watermarked,” Hawthorne said. “Everything is taken to the next level.”

For cannabis enthusiasts accustomed to a certain level of luxury, the beaker-shaped water bongs and polychrome vape pens found at your local head shop may leave something to be desired.

But at the Barneys location at 9570 Wilshire Blvd., well-heeled pot smokers can now choose from an assortment of luxe marijuana accessories, including $1,000 artisanal blown-glass pipes, imported French rolling papers and a three-chamber sterling silver grinder that goes for a cool $1,575.

The High End isn’t the first retailer to offer premium pot products, of course. Since 10 states, including California in 2018, have begun to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, dispensaries and online vendors have begun selling more upscale accessories. Companies such as Shine — which manufactures smokable gold rolling papers (available at the High End) — and hemp-infused skin care brand Cannuka have popped up to take advantage of the growing deluxe cannabis market.

Daniel Lyons came to Barneys on his day off from working at Mike Tyson’s “entertainment and cannabis consulting company” Tyson Ranch in California City.


“Because I’m in the industry, I heard about what [the High End] is doing,” he said. “I’m happy they broke the stigma, and I just came to check it out.”

Lyons purchased a single pack of rolling papers for $20.

“The flower that will go in here will actually be less expensive than papers,” he said. “But I’m happy to try it out.”

In addition to rose quartz one-hitter pipes meant to “feed a positive chakra” and a $1,500 women’s clutch adorned with gold flecks shaped into marijuana leaves, High End patrons can order some pot products for delivery.

Arts District-based luxury cannabis brand Beboe, which has its own table in the shop, offers a collection of low-strength, “socially dosed” marijuana candies and vape pens. The company can’t sell the products in-store, but a delivery service brings purchases to customers within 15 to 35 minutes anywhere in the Beverly Hills area.

Beboe sales associates even offered to have one couple’s order delivered to their lunch reservation at the Ivy. The husband and wife, who declined to be named, were on a business trip from Sweden and said they haven’t smoked pot since the ’90s. They selected one of the “mellowest” chocolate edibles to try when they returned home.

“I’ll have to tell my friends, I haven’t bought weed in 20 years, but I bought it from Barneys,” the wife said.


Barneys says it plans to expand the High End to additional Barneys New York locations in the near future. The company has stores at the Grove, Santa Monica Place and the Americana at Brand in Glendale. It will also make selected High End products such as marijuana-theme jewelry and hemp beauty oils available through its website.

Hawthorne said she plans to return to the Beverly Hills location soon, maybe even in time for Fathers’ Day. A jewelry designer herself, the sterling silver grinder caught her eye.

“It’s something that you can keep forever,” she said. “I don’t want to say pass them down, but I have two sons, so you never know!”