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Drummer Neil Peart is a ‘workout warrior’

Neil Peart, the drummer for the rock band Rush, keeps his body a finely tuned instrument. To keep up his stamina, he says, he has to pretty much never get out of shape.

-- By James S. Fell, Special to the Los Angeles Times  (Andrew MacNaughtan)
“I had spindly little ankles, and growing up in Canada, I couldn’t skate,” Neil Peart says. “I was no good at any sports so was very much a pariah through those adolescent years.” (Andrew MacNaughtan)
What’s more, Peart says, “It was actually drumming that gave me the stamina to get into sports later. I started playing drums at 13, and when I got to the international touring level, I got interested in cross-country skiing, long-distance swimming, bicycling, things that require stamina, not finesse. I’m still no good at ball-and-stick games. If I go play golf with the guys, it’s intended to be a joke.” (Carrie Nuttall)
“Stamina is the force that drives the drumming; it’s not really a sprint,” says Rush drummer Peart. “The stamina aspect is great because you don’t lose that with age so quickly. I know there will be a day when I just can’t do it, but at 58 years of age, it hasn’t come yet. I can still play as fast and as powerful and as long as I ever could.” (Gino Ramacieri)
Even though he’s consistently active, that doesn’t mean he’s always road ready. Touring requires an additional level of sport-specific training, a.k.a. endless drumming. “Playing a three-hour Rush show is like running a marathon while solving equations,” Peart says. “My mind is as busy as it can be, and so is my body; full output all the time.” (Andrew MacNaughtan)
Even while he’s on tour and working hard on stage in the evenings, Neil Peart still fits in exercise. Last summer in Colorado, he took a day off between shows and hiked one of the fourteeners — a mountain peak that exceeds 14,000 feet.

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