Cold-weather riders
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Cold-weather riders

Keep your toes nice and toasty

Pearl Izumi Cyclone shoe covers: Zip-on, water- and windproof toe-to-ankle covers.
Cycling accessories: An article in last week’s Health section on cycling accessories listed an incorrect phone number for purchasing Pearl Izumi Cyclone shoe covers. The correct number is (800) 328-8488. —

Likes: The stretchy, insulated sandwich of materials keeps your vulnerable foot (which doesn’t move on the pedal) warm. Goes on and off fast due to finger loop, zipper and Velcro closure. Lightweight; wads up smaller than neoprene booties. Reflective strip provides nighttime visibility.

Dislikes: None.

Price: $39.99. (800) 328-8488;
Train without even going outside

Blackburn Trakstand Ultra training stand: Indoor bike trainer with innovative, highly realistic resistance.

Likes: Convenient, tough, quiet, natural-feeling workout at home. Unique simulation of outdoor cycling due to innovative “centrifugal clutch resistance,” which makes it the first trainer to allow some coasting. Unique adjustable height adjusters allow the rear wheel to be as close as 1/4 inch to the ground, eliminating the need to elevate the front wheel, as with other trainers. Folding aluminum frame stores under the bed when not being used. No assembly required. Bike set-up takes five minutes or less.

Dislikes: Though “real road feel” is superior to other training stands, still a bit pricey in comparison.

Price: $299. (800) 456-2355; ()
A band to keep you

safe and visible

Nite Ize LED Marker Band: Reflective arm/ankle band with a built-in light.

Likes: A 2-ounce lifesaver that stows easily in a pocket or tool bag. LED light has constant and flash modes and purported visibility of one mile, far more than a pure reflective strap. Adjustable-length elastic band with quick-release buckle snugs to ankle or upper arm. Waterproof. Battery is supposed to last 150 hours.

Dislikes: None.

Price: $14.99. (800) 678-6483; ()
Illuminate the road ahead in hours of darkness

Sigma Mirage EVO and EVO X Pro lights: Efficient dual halogen headlight system featuring a 5-watt floodlight and 10-watt beam.

Likes: Quality, economical lighting package for night road-bike and mountain-bike use. Handy, no-tools-required installation. Waterproof rubber coverings on all components. Rechargeable Nipack battery (with AC charger) that supplies up to four hours of lighting (in 5-watt mode). Includes a convenient dual-beam stem mount, battery reserve indicators on the lights, and a helmet bracket. Relatively inexpensive for a high-end lighting system.

Dislikes: Battery-holder bracket can’t be moved to another bike; it permanently affixes to a frame tube with zip ties and must be cut off. Spare brackets run $7.50.

Price: $149. (888) 744-6277;