Neutrogena Advanced Solutions
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Neutrogena Advanced Solutions

Review: The device worked well and was easy to use. It wasn’t overly harsh on either speed and left a smooth feel that can’t be had with regular washing. But the crystals were gritty and hard to wash off. Unlike the Nova, the applicator lacked an automatic shut-off. The pad is reusable and seems to last quite awhile.

Cost: $39.79. Includes a battery-operated, two-speed applicator; two removable foam heads; and cream. The applicator vibrates at 70 to 86 revolutions per second. Neutrogena website(Annie Wells / Los Angeles Times)
Dove SkinVitalizer

Review: Great value for the price. The exfoliation was gentler but left the skin feeling less polished than the exfoliation provided by the Neutrogena and Nova systems.

The device itself was simple to use and lightweight. Good choice for someone who finds the more expensive dermabrasion products too harsh. The pads are designed for one-time use, which could hike the price over time.

Cost: $11.99. Includes a battery-operated applicator, six double-sided facial cleansing pillows -- one side for cleaning and one for exfoliating. Wells / Los Angeles Times)
Nova Skin Care System

Review: Although the directions were easy to follow, this was the most complicated of the three at-home sessions, with several phases of treatment required. The applicator, which purrs with sonic ferocity, was a little wide to hold comfortably, was noticeably stronger than its at-home brethren and caused a slight stinging, even on a low setting. Without question, the Nova polished the skin more effectively than the Neutrogena and Dove systems.

Cost: $199.80. Includes a battery-operated, three-speed applicator; 20 reusable microfiber applicator pads; washable mesh bag for laundering the pads; a cleanser; exfoliator gel; and moisturizer. The device vibrates at 1,000 to 2,000 cycles per second. That’s a lot. Wells / Los Angeles Times)