Frog legs add kick to a thigh workout

Inner thighs are a problem area for a lot of women. This move can help tone that harder-to-work area while giving your abs a workout at the same time. You’ll definitely feel it the next day, says Pop Pilates founder Cassey Ho, who uses it in on her Blogilates YouTube channel.

What it does

The move strengthens your adductor muscles and, in the advanced version, gives your abdominal muscles a challenging workout as well.

What to do


Start by lying on the mat on your back with knees bent above your hips in a tabletop position. Bring your heels together and extend your toes out in a V position. Put your hands under your tailbone to support your lower back.

From this position, press your heels forward, straightening your legs as your squeeze your inner thighs, like a frog swimming. Then bring them back to the bent position on top of your hips. Repeat.

For a more advanced version, try it with a yoga block between your heels. Or you can do a Pilates teaser frog, with your shoulder blades lifting off the mat and arms extending forward at the same time your legs kick out. Shoulders and arms lower as knees pull in to the chest.

How much


Do 10 to 15 repetitions.


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