Rocking your way to stronger abs

Do you want rocking abs this spring? Try this popular CrossFit move to strengthen your entire core.

Demonstrated by Cassey Ho of Blogilates, one of You Tube’s most popular fitness channels, this Pilates-inspired move is challenging but also fun, once you get moving.

CrossFit exercise: In the May 4 Saturday section, an article about a CrossFit abdominal exercise demonstrated by Cassey Ho of Blogilates said that it was inspired by Pilates. The move shown was inspired by gymnastics training. —

What it does


It recruits your abdominal muscles to pull your body up and rock it back and forth.

What to do

Lie flat on your back on a thick mat or carpeted floor with legs extended. Extend your arms long behind your head and clasp your hands. With your abdominals contracted and lower back pressing into the mat, begin rocking up and back with straight arms and legs, keeping hands clasped and back behind your ears. Exhale as you move up and inhale on your way back. The move also can be done with legs crossed at the ankles. If this version proves too difficult, try the modified version with your legs bent into a tabletop position over hips.

How much


Continue the rocking motion for about 30 seconds at your own speed.