Medicine ball burpee works muscles, burns fat

The burpee exercise done with a medicine ball is a wonder in efficiency, working several muscle groups at once, while raising your heart rate to burn fat, says Dr. Levi Harrison, orthopedic surgeon and developer of the Art of Fitness Cardio Core Workout.

What it does

This explosive move works the muscles of your legs, chest, arms and shoulders.

What to do


Start by standing with legs more than hip-width apart, clutching a medicine ball of 2 to 10 pounds at your chest with both hands.

Jump up explosively, driving through your legs as you extend the medicine ball to the ceiling. Bring the ball back to your chest and then down to the floor at shoulder level as you kick your legs straight out behind you in a plank position.

Keeping your body in one straight line, lower into a push-up on the ball. Push your body back up into plank. Jump your legs back in, to a squat position, and jump up with the ball extended overhead. Repeat.

Beginners can try the move using a basketball or with no ball at all.


How much

Start with two sets of five burpees, working your way up to three sets of 15 repetitions.


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