Two exercises to stretch leg muscles after a workout

Take your leg stretches to the next level with these moves demonstrated by orthopedist and fitness trainer Levi Harrison, developer of the Art of Fitness Cardio Core Workout. These two moves provide a 360-degree stretch of the leg muscles after a long workout.

What it does

By bringing the quadriceps stretch in front of your body, you stretch the inner and outer heads of the quadriceps as well. Add in a core-challenging hamstring stretch and your legs will feel loose and limber.

What to do


Start out standing tall and grab your right ankle with your left hand and place it on top of your left thigh. Press down gently on your right thigh to feel a greater stretch. Switch legs. For a more gentle stretch, take the right leg behind you, holding on to the right foot with your left hand.

After you complete this stretch, move to a hamstring stretch. To challenge your core, Harrison recommends standing tall with your shoulders back and raising your right knee in front of you. Extend that right leg out straight and grasp your toes with your right hand. Don’t hunch your back; stand as tall as possible to avoid straining your back. If balancing in this position is difficult for you, you can hold on to a wall or try it from a seated position on the floor. Breathe deeply as you hold the move. Switch to the other side.

How much

Hold each of the two stretches for 30 seconds.



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