Windmills are a great strengthening exercise

Windmills are a great love-handle leveler, and when done with a kettle bell, they are especially powerful. Demonstrated here by David Schenk, co-founder of Cross Train LA in Hollywood, the move is a terrific alternative to traditional core exercises.

What it does

This weighted version of yoga’s triangle pose strengthens your obliques while stretching and strengthening your hamstrings.

What to do


Start off in a standing position with your feet wider than shoulder-width, toes turned out and the kettle bell in your right hand, palm pressed straight up to the ceiling.

Look up to the ceiling, as if you are staring through the kettle bell. Start the movement by pushing your right hip out to the side and bottom slightly back as you inhale and reach your left hand down to the floor, placing it inside your left foot. Keep the arm with the kettle bell locked out and vertical.

Once you have touched the floor, exhale and slowly pull back up to standing, bringing the hip back to the center as you rise. Repeat.

If this proves too difficult, you can modify it by bending the knee on the side that is coming down.


How much

Do 10 to 15 repetitions on each side. A good kettle bell weight for most women to start with is 8 to 12 pounds. Men can try 15 to 25 pounds, depending on their fitness level.


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