Yoga’s power pose in L.A.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa at her most holy of places, the Golden Temple, in  Amritsar, India, on Feb. 23, 2006.
(Michael O’Neill / Taschen)

Los Angeles may be the yoga capital of the West, but where is it all headed? A new annual gathering, Veda MeLA, is trying to harness the energy of yoga's leaders and enthusiasts and ask: "How can we come together in... a more powerful way?" And a new photo exhibit invites you to bend, twist and breathe alongside portraits of famous practitioners such as Christy Turlington Burns and Rodney Yee. The events underscore the explosion of yoga culture in L.A. It's not all sun salutations. Devotees want to make sure newcomers see yoga as more than just a way to get in supermodel shape.

Rene Lynch

Photo taken at 13th and Hudson is of niralamba shirshasana (handsfree headstand), Dharma Mittra in New York City on Nov. 3, 2006. (Michael O'Neill / Taschen)

Michael O'Neill's 'On Yoga' captures the practice's bends and curves

"There is no modern yoga; there is just yoga in modern times."

That's a line from the new Taschen book "On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace" by photographer Michael O'Neill.

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Veda MeLA gathers yoga enthusiasts

Los Angeles is a leading center for all things yoga and a natural location to unite leaders aiming to shape future trends.

Which is why dozens of yoga enthusiasts filed into lecture rooms, exhibitor booths and yoga studio spaces in downtownLos Angeles recently for the first-ever Veda MeLA, the latest example of L.A.'s — and California's — dominant role in yoga culture.

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