Kevin Smith, how did you lose 65 pounds?


What do guys do to lose weight? Our “two guys” have been chronicling their efforts since January. At the moment, Tony is eating cookies, and Jimmy’s doing Nutrisystem. And film director Kevin Smith is doing … um ....not sure.

Smith chatted earlier this week with Joy Behar on her TV show (see video above) and talked about his weight rather than his controversial movie “Red State.” There’s less of him, 65 pounds less, but he never reveals how he did it -- smart and sensible or fast and faddish?

Smith, 40, was pretty emphatic that dropping the weight doesn’t mean he’s going to go all Jennifer Hudson. “I feel mixed feelings about losing weight,” he said on the show. “I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin. I’ll never be thin.”


That may be, but something motivated him to act. Two years ago, he told the L.A. Times he was so heavy that he broke a toilet. Last year, he was bounced off an airline for being too big -- something that still irks him. (Yes, he rehashed the incident on Behar’s show.)

It remains to be seen whether Smith -- and Tony and Jimmy, for that matter -- continue to shed pounds. But the odds are in their favor -- at least when it comes to initial weight loss and when compared to women trying to lose weight. This tidbit from notes that men lose weight more easily than women because their metabolism runs as much as 10 percent higher.