Exercise can’t always be this much fun, but it can be enjoyable


What motivates you to exercise? Is it feeling or looking better? A looming class reunion? Wanting to play with the kids? We all need something to get us moving, especially on days when inspiration is lacking and doughnuts are calling.

That’s why we love this French commercial for bottled water currently racking up views on YouTube. Check it out -- it’s a humorous take on exercise motivation with a great payoff at the end (although we think they took some license with the numbers). A note to parents: The video may not be suitable for young children.

As funny as the ad is, it brings up a good point about exercise: It should be fun. Sure, not every gym jaunt or run or tennis game is going to be a laugh riot. But if you’re in a serious workout rut, look for ways to break out of it--go roller skating, take a dance class, try some mixed martial arts, or ride your bike at the beach (if you don’t have a beach, go wherever it’s nice).


More companies are offering incentives such as contests with prizes to encourage employees to get in shape. Sometimes adding a piece of techno-gear, such as a heart-rate monitor or a smartphone app, can liven things up.

Who knows, you might develop a new love for fencing or yogalates. It may not be quite as entertaining as what this commercial shows, but you’ll still have a good time.

What is your motivation to get or stay in shape?