Try This: Lateral traveling ape

Cardio doesn’t have to be deadly dull and serious. In this fun animal-inspired exercise, you’ll get your heart rate up, build muscle and you might even crack a smile.

Called the lateral traveling ape, this move is part of the new “Animal Flow Workout” that body weight fitness pro Mike Fitch developed for Equinox gyms.

What it does

It’s great for entire body conditioning, as it works muscles in the arms, shoulders and legs at the same time it’s elevating your heart rate and torching calories.

What to do


Lower into a deep squat with your bottom a few inches off the floor, toes turned out and heels on the floor. Next, place hands just outside of center so your left hand lines up in front of your right toe. Straighten your elbows and drive into your hands as you lift your hips and kick out to the side with your right leg, landing softly on your left leg. Shift your body weight until it is centered between the two legs in your starting position with your weight back in your heels. Repeat the move on the other side.

How much

Do the move for 30 to 60 seconds. You can travel two at a time from left to right if you are short on space. If you have more room, try advancing in a row, returning on the opposite side.