Psi Bands are a wearable way to settle your stomach

Psi bands are acupressure wristbands combine style with nausea relief. They were designed by two moms who wanted to combat morning sickness without medication.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)
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When I was pregnant the second time, I found myself wearing wristbands nonstop that looked like they were meant for athletes but actually were to fend off morning (try all day long) sickness. They were functional but not too attractive.

Psi Bands (pronounced “sigh” and referring to pounds per square inch) are acupressure wristbands that bring a little style to nausea relief for people who can’t or don’t want to take medications. They were designed by two moms and look rather like an inexpensive watch; the pressure applied to the wrists is adjustable. There are five designs.

Acupressure bands are used by people who suffer nausea from morning sickness, motion, chemotherapy or other reasons. Psi Bands ( come two to a package, are available at REI, Whole Foods and pharmacy chains, and cost about $15.