Inspiration -- and tips -- for drought gardening

43 easy ways to save water at home -- without losing the lawn

If ripping up the lawn isn't your water-saving choice right now, here are 43 tips on how to conserve a drop, or a gallon, at a time.

See how this Los Feliz yard was transformed into a low-water oasis where it's fun to garden again

For a Los Feliz frontyard, couple's gardening skills are taxed. A low-water parterre brings symmetry, water-savings and less work.

Plant experts hope for a drought of invasives in 'water-wise' yards

Many Californians appear to be taking up Gov. Jerry Brown's call for the removal of 50 million square feet of lawn energetically and enthusiastically. But all

Master gardener program goes for a crop of volunteers

Instead of recruiting gardeners interested in volunteering, Yvonne Savio of the master gardener program looked for volunteers interested in gardening, specifically to help low-income communities.

Tell us how you're saving water during the drought, and we'll use your best tips in print

California drought: How are you saving water? Share you tips so we can use in print.

Will L.A. become the land of front-yard veggie gardens? This couple is leading the way

Fox TV executive Jeffrey Glaser's home in the Beverlywood neighborhood of L.A. becomes a butterfly- and neighbor-attracting garden when grass is replaced.

Don't make these mistakes when transforming your water-wasting parkway

The push to replace turf with low-water landscaping is reaching parkways. There are some issues to consider before tearing out that grass.

How one L.A. couple ripped out the grass -- and created a drought-tolerant dreamscape

For one home on the Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour, the fruits of a year of study become a memorial.

How to ditch the front lawn on the cheap (without it looking cheap!)

Experts offer drought gardening tips, including using bark, adding drought-tolerant plants, limiting watering and planting artificial grass.

Trees are undergoing stress in California's drought; water with care

Southern California's trees needn't be stressed during the drought. Water with care. Drip systems and soaker hoses can help.

California drought inspires playful small space garden

More California gardeners go native

Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and neighbors all demonstrate interest in creative plantings that replace thirsty, browning lawns.

Landscapes and plants in drought: Finding the best options for your garden

In Southern California's drought, the water-wise lawn might include diehard native plants and rocks or gravel instead of plants.

As 'appropriate' gardening takes root, there's still room for 'wow'

Three experts weigh in on the best plants — native or otherwise — to cultivate for the semi-arid California environment

Drought needn't mean that spring skips your garden

Spring comes to Southern California. Drought conditions remain. Don't plant annuals: Go for perennials, succulents and vegetables.

Hugels, swales offer DIY rainwater catchment options

Water-wise fall planting

Roses don't need to be sacrificed to drought; teach them to be tough

Don't fret about your roses during the drought. They can survive with less water. Use it frugally.

Ideas for water-wise gardening during a drought