Tell us how you're saving water during the drought, and we'll use your best tips in print

Tell us how you're saving water during the drought, and we'll use your best tips in print
Here's one water-saving tip: When your dog is watering the lawn, make sure he/she uses a water-saving nozzle. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

Are you a pro at saving water?

Do you proudly post pictures of your water bill on social media -- because it's so low? Do you reuse your pasta water for hard-boiling eggs? Do you have a drought-tolerant garden that's the envy of the neighborhood?

In other words, are you a #DroughtBuster?

We're writing a story for a future Home section about how to save water during this drought of ours.

So we're going to the expert: You.

How are you saving water these days? Well, don't just keep it to yourself, share it with the rest of us.

If you give us permission, we'd like to consider using your tips in print. We'd especially like it if you included a photo, too.


You can leave a comment on this story. You can email us at You can Tweet us @latimeshome. You can use the hashtags #DroughtBuster and #BeatTheDrought on Twitter and Instagram. You can also upload a picture to our Flickr feed.

But please, whatever you do, make it clear that we can use your tip and photo in print.

Otherwise, our pesky lawyers won't let us.

And make sure you let us know how you want to be identified, so include your full name and town. (Unless you want to be identified as "snickerdoodles27," or whatever your social media handle happens to be.)

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