Gifts for the beauty obsessed (you know who you are)


Whether it's fragrance or skin care, hair products or body art, there's something on this gift list for the beauty lovers in your life — and perhaps a few things you might need for yourself.

Lucky charm candle

These candles — created by jewelry designer Ariel Gordon and artisanal candle makers Le Feu De L'eau — are scented with notes of Neroli blossom and Sandalwood and include a surprise inside the wax: a 14k gold charm. There are six charms, which can be worn with an enclosed cord. $88.

(Ariel Gordon Jewelry)

Makeup collection

Vapour Organic Beauty, an eco-conscious, cruelty-free line, has paired its Halo Illuminator (which can be applied to the face to reflect light and create a subtle glow) and Velvet Lip Gloss in a seasonal offering titled the "Moonlight Holiday Collection." $40, available for the holidays.

(Vapour Organic Beauty)

‘Lump of kohl’ soap

Lifestyle-brand Beekman 1802 has turned the lump of coal tradition on its ear with a bar of triple-milled soap. Think of it as a detox treatment — one that uses goat milk to moisturize and activated bamboo charcoal to help remove impurities from the skin. $15.


Coffee scrub

There's no shortage of body scrubs in this world, but the Java Junkie Coffee Scrub, from Dirty Girl Beauty, includes ground Arabica coffee beans — which could make the caffeine addict on your gift list happy. $13.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

Fragrance sample set

It's called the "Short Story Collection," but it comes from Oregon-based Imaginary Authors. Instead of words, there is a sampling of eight fragrances (described as "layered narratives" on the company website). Scents include "Memoirs of a Trespasser," "Cape Heartache" and "A City on Fire." $38.

(Imaginary Authors)

Nail care

The Tenoverten beauty brand — known for its nontoxic ingredients, saturated colors and unusual product names — has included three polishes ("Catherine," "Market" and "Oliver") in a Holiday Trio package that could fulfill your stocking stuffer requirements. For a bonus, pair the polish with the All Natural Rose Cuticle Oil. Polish, $45; cuticle oil, $26. Available for the holidays.


Makeup kit

If someone on your list likes their makeup bundled together in an extensive — and efficient — kit, consider the Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector's Set. It includes a 24-piece eye shadow palette, blushes and bronzers, matte lipstick and, "Sex Kitten Eyeliner,” which, you may pleased to know, is vegan. $59.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

For the beard

Wild Rose, an Oregon-based company, has packed its "Wild Man” beard conditioner, beard wash and beard cream in a gift set that is offered in four scents (and an unscented version). Are the products are natural, vegetarian and cruelty free? They are. $34.95.

(Wild Rose)

Serum trio

Serums are widely praised for their ability to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, known for his work with celebrities and his eponymous skin care line, emphasizes their use as part of a lifelong skin care maintenance routine. His “Christmas Box” includes the Rose de Vie Serum, Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum and Serum Repair. $375.

(Dr. Sebagh PR)

For the minimalist

Natural skin care line Ursa Major has packaged a Face Wash, Face Balm and Essential Face Tonic in a "Minimalist" skin care set. Ingredients such as cedar and spearmint and aloe and myrtle may help you smell like the best of what nature has to offer. $70, available for the holidays.

(Ursa Major)

Dusting powder

If someone on your gift list needs a little sprinkling of fairy dust now and then, you might consider a Lush Cosmetics' Sparkle Jar. Punch tiny holes in the "Twilight" container, shaped like a moon, or the "Snow Fairy" container, shaped like a star, and shake a dusting of lustrous, scented powder on your skin. $9.95, available for the holidays.

(Lush Cosmetics)

Advent calendar

Saje Natural Wellness, a Canadian product line that includes natural treatments for everyday health-care concerns, essential oils and skin care offerings, has its own take on the advent calendar: a series of tiny bottles of diffuser blends, with names like "Bali Bliss" and "Tuscan Sun." Add a few drops to your diffuser and change your world. About $110, available for the holidays.

(Saje Natural Wellness)

Bath bomb

Is there such a thing as an irresistible stocking stuffer? Consider these four words: Christmas. Sweater. Bath. Bomb. $7.95, available for the holidays.

(Lush Cosmetics)

Cosmetics bag

If the words "This Bag Contains My Face" don't make you smile, we suspect you don't really want to shop for the holidays. Ella Sussman's beauty bag accommodates full-size cosmetics and toiletries. Prices vary, depending on color; about $18-$22.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

Spoil those tresses

True Botanicals, a natural beauty company, has a "no toxic ingredients" mantra and a product line that includes the Fresh Nourishing Shampoo and Fresh Nourishing Conditioner (with antioxidant support for sun-exposed hair). Both are $34.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

Shaving goodies

There's something about spies cavorting in an action movie (in this case, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle") that inspires a little collaboration. The Art of Shaving has expanded its grooming offerings to include a "Kingsman" shaving cream, after-shave balm and pre-shave balm. The aroma? "Bourbon Amber," of course. Shaving cream, $32; after-shave balm, $55; pre-shave oil, $32.

(The Art of Shaving)

Paper & cotton fragrance

It's not what you think — when you spritz this perfume, no one will confuse it with the smell of old books or laundry. Tokyo Milk Perfume 17 Paper & Cotton has notes of coriander, white sage, birch wood and tundra moss. $30.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

12 days of beauty

Beekman 1802, the lifestyle company started by realty TV stars Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, has paired with Anthropologie for a "12 days of Beekman 1802" beauty box. Each drawer contains a Beekman 1802 product such as lip balm or soap or hand cream. $100, available in November. and


Shower jelly

It's squishy, it smells good, and you will probably emerge from your bath or shower in a very clean state. Plus, this "Santa's Belly" jelly is infused with star anise. $7.95, available for the

(Lush Cosmetics)

Pharmacie fizzie

The ritual of the bath is something that should encouraged. If you are lucky enough to be able to linger in the tub for more than three minutes, you might want to toss in a "pharmacie fizz," a little cube that adds essential oils and herbs to the water. This one includes Calendula powder and geranium essential oil. $10.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

Body wash

It looks like a squeeze bottle of honey — but instead of using it on bread, Dot & Lil's "Honey Bee" was created to cleanse and soften the skin. Ingredients also include avocado oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. About $15.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

Foot treatment

There are a lot of body parts that need our attention; sometimes the feet get lost in the process. Fig + Yarrow's Alpine Pumice is an exfoliant and a balm that may ease your fears about peep-toe stilettos -- or flip-flops. $16-$28.

(Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times)

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