An alcove with all the elements

A mudroom off the entryway has cushioned seating, twin wardrobes for coats and wall hooks to hang hats and purses.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

One of the luxuries in Jana Winograde and Todd Sandler’s remodeled house is its mudroom, where the family and guests can unburden themselves of baggage — literal and mental — before entering the main part of the home. Here we break down the space, a cozy alcove off the home’s front door.

1. Twin wardrobes. To hang coats and other items.

2. Wall hooks. For hats, scarves and purses.

3. Lower drawers. To stow umbrellas and other small items.


4. Upper cabinets. They’re for “stuff you’re never going to get, except once in a blue moon,” Winograde said. The cabinets aren’t needed now but were added with future needs in mind. “When you have kids, you’ll eventually organize boxes from their younger days.”

5. Cushioned seating. It’s convenient when removing shoes. The fabric colors echo the rest of the home’s palette.

6. Master light panel. Sandler and Winograde’s house is outfitted with a Lutron whole-home system. “If you peek behind that panel, you’ll see about 10 light switches.”

7. Mail slot. Tucked away out of view of the entryway is the home’s mail slot, which conveniently hides the daily drop.

8. Steel-framed window. Allows sunshine into the alcove.

9. Wall sconce. As a final touch for the entryway, Winograde found a remarkable piece from Pat McGann on La Cienega Boulevard. It held the same aged look as the other wall sconces in the house by Robert Lewis. “It went on the Saturday sale on 1stdibs,” Winograde said, “and I was like, ‘I’m buying it.’”

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