Photos: Gorgeous lofts in and around Los Angeles

Once the domain of starving artists and factory workers, formerly humble lofts have gone decidedly uptown — maintaining their creativity and cool factor while adding luxury amenities with sleek, sophisticated modern style.

The traditional hallmarks of these live-work spaces continue to define converted lofts with industrial origins, including exposed beams, old brick, concrete floors, industrial fixtures, high ceilings and an open floor plan with large windows, skylights and optional art supplies.

However, developers also cherry pick the best elements from the genre to construct brand new, minimalist homes that are flooded with natural light, mimic a loft-like aesthetic and are designed to inspire.

Channel your inner artist to decide which of the following lofts — culled from our photo archives — suits your style best.


Bonnie McCarthy contributes to the Los Angeles Times as a home and lifestyle design writer. She enjoys scouting for directional trends and reporting on what’s new and next. Follow her on Twitter @ThsAmericanHome.

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