Rock Row in Eagle Rock: townhouses that share no walls

Rock Row LEED-certified subdivision townhomes
By Chris Iovenko, Special to The Times

From a distance, the 15 homes being built on half an acre in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of L.A. look like your typical small-scale condo development. You could call them townhomes, but look more closely and there’s one key difference: a tiny gap of air between each unit.

“The buildings don’t share a common wall,” says architect Kevin Wronske, who with brother Hardy also is the developer of the project, called Rock Row. “There is five inches of space between each of them that is totally open.”

The gaps allow each building to move independently of the others in an earthquake. Perhaps most important, the space serves as sound insulation, lessening how much noise transfers from one unit to the next.

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(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)