What to keep in your earthquake survival kits at home and in the car

There’s nothing quite like an early-morning jolt to bring home the need for an up-to-date earthquake survival kit. This morning’s magnitude 4.4 earthquake was a good reminder for Southern Californians that they need to be prepared.

What should you have in your earthquake emergency kit? The essentials include a flashlight, a portable radio and a first-aid kit. And of course you need instant, dry and canned food (and a can opener) and plenty of water. And don’t forget blankets, extra clothing and sturdy shoes, as well as personal hygiene items.

You’ll also want a stash of batteries, spare eyeglasses, cooking equipment, fire extinguisher and more. Here’s a good earthquake survival kit chart that lists all the basics.

You also could be away from home when a big quake strikes. So that’s why you also should have a disaster kit in your car that contains many of the same items: food, water, extra clothing and shoes, small first-aid kit, blanket, flashlights and batteries, toilet tissue, fire extinguisher and maps.

What do you keep in your emergency kit at home and in the car? Are you prepared for the big one?



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