Lite + Cycle Urban Forest candles inspired by L.A.'s Griffith Park

Lite + Cycle pillar candles
Lite + Cycle founder Kristi Head recently added a new scented candle called Urban Forest to her line of pillar candles. She works in her L.A. studio.
(Laura Austin)

What better ode to the upcoming Earth Day than to go unplugged, swapping electricity for candlelight? Keeping it eco-friendly, Lite + Cycle’s pillar candles are composed of vegetable waxes and pure aromatherapeutic essential oils; each one is hand-poured and hand-wrapped.

The line, founded by graphic designer and artist Kristi Head, launched last year with a minimalist pillar candle in three scents: bergamot, vetiver and lavender.

In September, Head left her native New York for L.A., moving to a guesthouse bordering Griffith Park. On the heels of that move comes her fourth scented candle, recently released, called Urban Forest. Juxtaposing the metropolitan aroma of coffee with woodsy notes of wild cedar, fennel and fir, the fragrance is an ode to Head’s new city-meets-country environs in Los Angeles, where a buzzy metropolis merges with a natural sanctuary teaming with wildlife.

“I’m such a nature lover, but I’m also such an urban dweller, and I love city life,” Head says. “I was so inspired that I could have these two polar opposites at the same time. I didn’t have to sacrifice the city for nature, and I didn’t have to sacrifice nature for the city.


“Using essential oils to express this, by creating a scent, was really just a way to have a conversation,” Head says. “I hope it will inspire and provoke people to take more advantage of the park. It’s such a gift within this vital city.”

Lite + Cycle pillar candles are $40 (short) and $72 (tall). They’re available at; Dream Collective in Silver Lake, (323) 660-2000; and NK Shop in West Hollywood, (323) 954-9300.


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