Old floorboards recycled into built-in desk

A second floor
Designer Jeremy Levine and contractor Ofer Hetsroni salvaged old floorboards during a remodel and used them to craft built-in desks that run along three sides of an alcove. The segment pictured here has drawers.
(Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)

There’s so much waste in a home renovation. Piles of it seemed to grow in our backyard as the weeks of our remodel passed, no matter how much we tried to minimize it. Our designer, Jeremy Levine, came up with a few ideas for reusing what no longer worked in our little 1917 Mid-City house that was getting a much needed update.

The one we love most is our desk, which runs along three sides of an alcove off our new kitchen.

When we moved into our house about a decade ago, we had the original wood floors re-sanded — and were told it would be the last time that could be done.

This time our contractor, Ofer Hetsroni, pulled the boards up and, with Levine, figured out how to use them for a built-in desk. The floorboards were glued to a plywood backing for the desk top and the drawer fronts. They also could be nailed, but Hetsroni said gluing is stronger.


Not only does it look terrific and match the new wood floors, but it feels like we preserved a piece of our home’s past.

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