Marimekko throws an opening party in Beverly Hills

Marimekko opened its first West Coast store Thursday night with a packed party where the Prosecco was flowing as freely as the Finnish textile studio's exuberant prints.

The Cult of Marimekko will be pleased to know the company's prints are present in abundance: dozens of bolts of fabric in different weights and textures. Home furnishings -- pink throw pillows, festive table runners, rocking aprons -- were bright spots on a drizzling, gray night. 

PHOTOS: The new store

Holiday party hosts and motivated gift-shoppers will find ceramic cups with cool graphic designs, stacking glass tumblers in pretty jewel tones and modern bath towels in two moods: subdued stripes or vibrant, it's-spring-all-year-round colors. Marimekko iPhone cases? Sign us up.

The new store is at 370 N. Canon Drive. More information:

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