Germaphobe couture? Jonathan Adler hand sanitizer cozies

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Attention all obsessive hand sanitizers: If bad design is almost as irritating as rogue bacteria, a potential solution will become available this spring. Jonathan Adler, the king of quirky, Pop home design — and an avid sanitizer, to boot — has created what he’s calling the world’s first hand antiseptic “cozy.” It’s a stylish sleeve that slips over a 12-ounce bottle of Purell.

“All of my friends are having babies, and they all have big ugly bottles of sanitizer all over the place. I knew there had to be a more couture way to approach the situation,” said Adler, whose spring collection hitting stores April 1 includes versions of the cozy in navy, light blue and white as well as in pink, orange and white. Price: $42.

The design was tailor-made to cover the Purell bottle, even though Adler does not make specific reference to the brand. The handmade, 100% wool needlepoint is not, unfortunately, machine washable, raising the question: How do you keep the cozy itself bacteria free?


Though the design won’t appear in stores until April, it was scheduled to hit the Jonathan Adler website Tuesday and be available for pre-orders.

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