William Haines' Avalon chair and bench: Hollywood glam, the sequel

William Haines Designs, the company that carries on the design legacy of the legendary Hollywood decorator-to-the-stars, fittingly chose Oscar season to bring back a classic: the Avalon. 

The 1950 Billy Haines chair and bench designs are being reissued this month with some 2013 tweaks. Whereas the original Avalon chairs were painted with oil enamel, production manager Greg Bianchini said, the reissues will be zinc-plated and powder-coated for weather resistance. Modern, fast-drying foam has replaced 1950s foam rubber that eventually hardened or disintegrated.

Alas, classic Hollywood glamour comes at a price: As shown here in all-weather Perennials fabric, the Avalon chair is $8,080. The Avalon bench is $6,280. Are the CB2 knockoffs far behind?

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