Stylist Jeff Hafler
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Wear and Hair

Stylist and history lover Jeff Hafler, 29, works on client Tim McElwee at his West Hollywood beauty salon Ohio, where eclectic hair collectibles are on display. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)
Afro-puff mannequin Ruby rests under a perm machine from the 1940s. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)
Mikal Winn, 31, is the designer of one-of-a-kind jewelry and belt buckles popular in the U.S. and Japan. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)
Winn’s jeweled belt buckles are sold locally at Barneys L.A. and other stores. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)
A hair curler with a kerosene heater from 1889. (LAWRENCE K. HO / LAT)